Housing is a critical issue for the communities of the 15th Legislative District.

Economic development is crucial to our community’s health. Suffolk County needs employers that will not just be located in a community but that will also give back to the community.

Education should be accessible and affordable, and we have a tremendous opportunity in Suffolk County with our community college.

Connecting to the Southwest Sewer District is critical for development and the preservation of our water supply.

We must invest in our young leaders to ensure the future prosperity of our county.

How we nurture the health and resilience of our environment will dictate how future generations live and grow in Suffolk County.

Suffolk County’s budget is a complex document that puts forward our priorities for the coming year.

Crime in Suffolk County is at record lows, but there is a real need for more outreach between law enforcement and the community. Additionally, there are 16 unsolved murders in Wyandanch currently.

Our youth are our future, and we cannot continue to let the opioid crisis and other tragedies rob us of our future.

We need smarter public transportation in Suffolk County in a way that is community-oriented and that meets many more needs.

Suffolk County must do a better job of promoting diversity in hiring.

Childcare is a challenge for so many working families in Suffolk County, myself among them.