Rob Calarco

Presiding Officer of the Suffolk County Legislature

"Jason has spent a lot of time on the other side of the horseshoe as Clerk of the Legislature taking our votes. It's time he start casting his own."

Rob Calarco - Richberg Endorsement

Gerry Compitello

Babylon Town Clerk

"Jason is the epitome of community-based leadership."

Gerry Compitello - Richberg Endorsement

Bridget Fleming

Suffolk County Legislator for the 2nd Legislative District

"We are looking forward to getting out there to secure this seat for Jason. He's been a great clerk at the legislature, and we're excited to work with him at the horseshoe."

Bridget Fleming - Richberg Endorsement

Samuel Gonzalez

Suffolk County Legislature for the 8the Legislative District

"Everything that Jason does, he puts his heart and soul into it. If he works half as hard as Legislator as he works as Clerk to the Legislature, he's going to be phenomenal."

Samuel Gonzalez - Richberg Endorsement

Jackie Gordon

Former Babylon Councilwoman and Jason's high school guidance counselor

"Jason has envisioned this moment since high school. He is prepared, he is focused, and he cares about what he is doing. He knows what needs to be done and doesn't stop until he gets it done. That's the type of person we need."

Jackie Gordon - Richberg Endorsement

Stephen Greenwald

Resident of the 15th Legislative District

"I worked with Jason on a number of community projects when he worked in former Legislator DuWayne Gregory's office. His heart is in the right place, and he's a perfect fit for this position."

Stephen Greenwald - Richberg Endorsement

Laura McVeety-Pawlewicz

Resident and founder of Amityville Hurricane Sandy Relief Group

"After Sandy, Jason showed up when no one else did. He was always hands on, asking," 'What can I do?' It speaks volumes about him. He and I were all about the community. I'll always be a fan of his because in those difficult moments I saw who he is."

Laura McVeety-Pawlewicz - Richberg Endorsement

Madeline Quintyne-McConney

Community Leader

"Jason will be able to fill the shoes of out great former legislator DuWayne Gregory. Jason worked with DuWayne so diligently, and he's a face that everyone knows around the community. He has a good heart, and he's engaged with the people. He's well-spoken, and I believe he will be an asset to our community."

Madeline Quintyne-McConney - Richberg Endorsement

Denise Leary (center)

President, Belmont Lake Civic Association, with President Emeritus John Simpkins (right)

"Jason would make a great legislator because he is community-oriented and knowledgeable about the specific issues that mean the most to people."

Denise Leary - Richberg Endorsement

Terence McSweeney

Babylon Town Councilman

"Experience counts when it comes to the county, and Jason has plenty of experience. He is someone we can count on for bipartisan support and to do the right thing."

Terence McSweeney - Richberg Endorsement