Education & Job Training

Education should be accessible and affordable, and we have a tremendous opportunity in Suffolk County with our community college.

The Suffolk County Department of Labor is responsible for plenty of great programs providing job training and education to the unemployed and underemployed in Suffolk County. As Legislator, I will push for the Department of Labor to conduct more mobile outreach in communities in need.

Quality and affordable education is a serious issue in Suffolk County. While the county has no authority over school districts, the county does have Suffolk County Community College, a nation-leading community college. More funding should be given to the college in order for it to provide more vocational programs to returning students of all ages and to expand on building trade programs. We also must address tuition costs. As Legislator, I will work with my colleagues to increase the county’s contribution to the college from 22 percent to 25 percent and call on the state to contribute its fair share to lessen the burden on the students.